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For the love of…

Ah…. Valentine’s Day. The day of love. Cupid’s day. The day where you shower devotion on the one who has your heart. The day of flowers and declarations. The day of romance. The day you tell someone you worship them. The … Continue reading

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Country round-up

  So I attempted to write a little round-up of 2016’s country gigs in December.  I’m pretty sure I typed it out. And then I’m definitely NOT sure what happened to it. I think amongst the Christmas parties and festive … Continue reading

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Out with the old…

 Let me start off this one by telling you all a little story… A few years ago myself and about six other actors had to go to the American Embassy to get visas for a film we were shooting in … Continue reading

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The things we do to pay the rent…

Most actors will tell you that at some point during their career (and probably more often than they’d like) they have to take on another job to pay the bills (or a “proper” job as some people call it. Complete with … Continue reading

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Their country to our country

Last month saw the Country2Country music festival at the O2. Seventy-three performers playing over three days. Basically it was Country Christmas. I walked in on day one and was met with wall-to-wall plaid shirts and cowboy hats. it was like … Continue reading

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Worshipping a legend

Last night I saw Kris Kristofferson. Live. In person. Singing and playing guitar. It was like watching a hero of yours standing right in front you. Slightly surreal and incredibly awesome. Anyone who knows me knows I love country music. … Continue reading

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Going underground

Navigating the tube in London is a nightmare at the best of times however during this festive season it’s like the seventh level of hell…and then some. So here are a few words of advice and some guidance to help … Continue reading

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Discovering a new town

Sometimes we stumble across things we end up liking in the most bizarre ways. You come across a new type of food you hadn’t tried before because the waiter got your order wrong. Or you find a wonderful new pub … Continue reading

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Remakes, adaptations and other ways to mess up the original…

So there was an article floating round the internet last week with a list of movies that are currently in the process of being “remade”, or “rebooted” as the studios like to call it.  Call it what you will it … Continue reading

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Stay Gold girls

Last week I went to see the fabulous Swedish sisters that make up the delightful (if somewhat bizarrely named) First Aid Kit. These are the two young girls who shot to fame by covering a Fleet Foxes song , recorded … Continue reading

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