For the love of…

Ah…. Valentine’s Day. The day of love. Cupid’s day. The day where you shower devotion on the one who has your heart. The day of flowers and declarations. The day of romance. The day you tell someone you worship them. The day of amore. The most romantic day of the year…

Or, if you’re single, the Day Of Doom.

Being alone on Valentine’s Day sucks. Big time. I mean it’s usually not so bad being single the other 364 days of the year. We are strong and independent people. We don’t need someone else to “complete us”, we’re doing very nicely on our own thank you very much. But Valentine’s Day…? It’s the day the whole world is suddenly mocking you.

Heart shaped chocolates? Red balloons? Giant teddy bears? Glittering jewellery? Dozens and dozens of red roses? Nope. Not for you Sally Singleton. Not today. Today is Valentine’s Day. Couples only. Now run along and buy yourself a meal for one, a copy of Bridget Jones Diary and the crazy cat lady starter kit.

Or put some music on, laugh in the face of this awful “holiday’ and dance like no one is watching…

Whether he left you, you left him, she broke your heart, he cheated on you. Maybe the love just fizzled… Maybe you left. Perhaps he left and took the dog. Whatever happened we have a country song for that…

When you know what goes around comes around. Lesson in Leaving’, Jo Dee Messina. This woman rocks. She knows that karma is going to come back and bite this loser on the behind and she’s going to be there taking the pictures ready to post them on Facebook when it happens. “Somebody’s gonna do to you, What you’ve been doin’, And I hope that I’m around, To watch ’em knock you down.”

When you’re tired of waiting for him to call. Red High Heels, Kellie Pickler. Put on those killer shoes honey, call your tribe, you are going OUT. Nobody should wait around for the phone to ring. Go out there and live your life!! “You can watch me walk if you want to… I bet you want me back now, don’t you..? I’m about to show you just how missing’ me feels, In my red high heels.”

When you want revenge. Before He Cheats, Carrie Underwood. Now I am absolutely NOT condoning this kind of behaviour but we’ve all thought about doing it, right…?? “I dug my key into the side, Of his pretty little souped-up four-wheel drive… I slashed a hole in all four tires, Maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats.”

When you get the last laugh. When It Rains It Pours, Luke Combs.  I mean, this one has the BEST kind of revenge. She was mad. She made his life miserable. She left. His luck changed for the better. She wanted to come back. He said no. And he lived happily ever after (apparently with the hot waitress from Hooters). “What I thought was gonna be the death of me was my saving grace… And it all started on the day she walked out.”

When you realise you don’t need a man to make you happy. (Obligatory “All The Single Lady” hand movements…) Miss Me More, Kelsea Ballerini. You changed yourself for him… No one should have to change themselves for anyone. So dig out that red lipstick he hated, put this record on and dance around revelling in your re-discovered fabulousness. “I didn’t wear my high heel shoes, ‘Cause I couldn’t be taller than you… I thought I’d miss you, But I miss me more.”

When you realise you’re free. You Broke Up With Me, Walker Hayes. That moment will come when you finally realise you’ve moved on and you’ve got your mojo back and you wonder what on earth you saw in them in the first place. “Well, I got some coke in my bourbon, Surfin’ the room like Swayze, No I ain’t drunk, I’m amazing, Yeah I got that laid way, way back, back in my swagger…

When you realise you are SO MUCH better off without him. Upside Of Being Down, Catherine Britt. Don’t dwell on what you’ve lost, focus on what you’ve gained. FREEDOM. TOTAL CONTROL OF THE REMOTE. THE WHOLE OF THE BED… Life is good again. “When I open up that Haagen Dazs, I don’t have to share… I’ve got twice the closet space, That I can fill up with new shoes.”

And this one. This is just genius. The Rewrite, Mike Ryan. This is the song for every newly single person out there. Listen to it, learn the words and play it on repeat.  “This is a new song, A screw you song, A you can go to hell, Take your new boyfriend too song… Everybody sing along raise your glass, And help me tell her to kiss my ass song.”

And then last but not least… Basically anything off the album Platinum by Miranda Lambert. This is the musical equivalent of the Bible for country loving singletons out there. Come on folks… Don’t let Valentine’s Day get you down. It’s just one day. Put this album on, turn it up loud and sing along. We are fabulous just as we are. And remember…

“What doesn’t kill you only makes you blonder”…




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