Stay Gold girls

first-aid-kit-on-stageLast week I went to see the fabulous Swedish sisters that make up the delightful (if somewhat bizarrely named) First Aid Kit. These are the two young girls who shot to fame by covering a Fleet Foxes song , recorded by themselves in a forest with just a guitar to accompany them, and posted it on YouTube. Their rise has been meteoric. Just three years ago they were opening for Jack White in the very same venue that they headlined at on Tuesday, the Hammersmith Apollo.

They clearly have a fast growing fan base and they did not disappoint. The place was packed and absolutely erupted as they opened with Lion’s Roar. With Klara on guitar and Johanna on keyboard these girls have the most incredible voices. The harmonies you hear on their albums are not studio generated. They actually do sound like that. These girls are the real thing.

Their time spent in Nashville is evident from the presence of the slide guitar and the country music trait of storytelling through song. And boy, do they have some stories to tell. The charm that First Aid Kit brings with them is the fact that it would appear that they themselves can hardly believe their luck. In a gorgeous lilting Swedish/American accent Klara kept exclaiming “Oh my god! We’re here!” Their innocence is infectious and the audience felt their excitement and carried it with them for the whole performance.

Song after song they gave it their all. My Silver Lining and Wolf were enthusiastically sung back at them. The unplugged version of Ghost Town was breathtaking and Waitress song, my personal favourite, was absolutely amazing. It’s evident that First Aid Kit are well on their way to global stardom. If you haven’t heard of them I implore you to check them out. These girls are natural-born singers and songwriters and just want to share their music with everyone. As they say in what was the final song of the night, Emmylou “Just sing a little, Sing with me…”



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