747 ready for takeoff…

So last Tuesday I was fortunate enough to be invited to the official launch of C2C 2015 and an intimate gig with the amazing Lady Antebellum.

Was I excited about this? Errr… “Excited” barely comes close it.  I was like a five-year old on Christmas Eve who’s just heard sleigh bells heading their way…

C2C 2014 was without a doubt one of the most fun weekends ever. It was an amazing event with incredible performers attended by 50,000 die-hard country music fans (and they say that country music doesn’t have an audience in the UK… yeah right. Me and my 49,999 friends have something to say about that…) So I was tingling with anticipation to see if they could top the last lineup.

Well, they did… 2015 at the O2 will see artists such as Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line, Kip Moore (be still my beating heart) and of course, Lady Antebellum. Its going to be epic… Whispering Bob Harris will be comparing again and no doubt trying to be heard over a lot of exited country fans. The best news is that C2C is growing bigger each year. 2015 will see the artists take on Dublin, London, Stockholm and Oslo. Country is going global!

After the announcements were made, followed by much squealing and applause (the girl sitting next to me was also quite excited about Mr Moore’s appearance…form a queue ladies…) Lady Antebellum took to the stage and the roof of the Brooklyn Bowl at the O2 almost blew away. Considering it was such a small audience I think we gave the Ed Sheeran fans in the arena next door a run for their money in terms of sound levels!

These guys are simply amazing performers. I have wanted to see them live from the first moment I heard Need You Now way back when. And they not disappoint. Belting out favourites like American Honey, I Run To You and Goodbye Town they peppered the set list with numbers from their new album, 747.  Songs like Long Stretch of Love and the epic Freestyle (my personal favourite right now) were met with massive cheers from the crowd. We all knew they were there to promote the new songs but they threw in enough of their previous hits to keep us all dancing! Saying that, it would appear that the fans present had already listened to 747 on constant repeat. The band actually remarked that they were shocked we all knew most of the words already! It really is a great album. Lady Antebellum are on a roll. (Don’t worry, I’ll post a small review soon…)

We were there to hear the news about next year’s concert and to see a sneak peek at the Nashville trio’s new releases. What we got was 90 minutes of incredible country music. This band play for the fans and clearly love what they do. The acoustic songs and harmonising vocals reveal their musical talents whilst their energy and passion shines during the whole show.

Lead singer Charles Kelley summed up the night perfectly saying that it was amazing to be able to connect with the audience and to see the fans faces in such an intimate setting… “You sound f**king awesome!”, he exclaimed.

Right back atcha Charles.


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