Welcome to CowboyGeekChic!!!

Thanks for stopping by.

If you’ve been here before you may notice a little bit of a change… When I first launched the blog it was going to be about a variety of things…country music, geeky stuff and other general ramblings but over the past year I’ve realised that the country music appears to be winning.

And so I have decided to embrace it… Y’all know I love me some country. So basically this is where it’s at. For all things country music, it’s here. What’s new, what’s hot, who’s got an album coming out, recent gigs and country news. If it wears a stetson and it sings then I’ll be talking about it..

So come on in… The water’s lovely…


3 Responses to About

  1. mad_mikel says:

    Salut, found you on twitter, found you here on wordpress. Are you also on Instagram? That would be fun!

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  2. Danny says:

    More articles please


  3. Edward says:

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